How to earn money if you are a photographer – A complete guide

earn money by selling photographers

This is a complete guide with a very clear collection of steps about how to earn money online if you are you are photographer. There are multiple ways to earn money if you are an artisan (a skillful person). Technology has reduced the gap of communication for whole the world. Now every body is connected and there a lot of chances to earn a fine amount of money online.

Are you a photographer? of course, you are! That’s why you are visiting this post.

Photography is a wide field and photographers do earn money in the real life (offline) and as well online. If you a good photographer and having a good grasp on the field then this is the right time to showcase your work and collect the worth of your photos.

How to make money by selling photos?

A lot of photographers are earning a huge amount of money by selling their stuff online. Then, what are you waiting for? If you don’t know the path or a guideline about it, don’t worry, we will help you out and make you billionaire.

List of stock-selling websites:

  1. iStock Photo
  2. SmugMug
  3. Alamy
  4. Flickr Collection on Getty Images
  5. Fotolia
  6. Dreamstime
  7. PhotoShelter
  8. Shutterstock
  9. 123RF
  10. Can Stock Photos

The above mentioned sites are some of platform where you can showcase your skills and earn a fine amount of money. Why your photos are only saved in the computer? Ain’t it will be good if you can earn few bucks for your skills.

There is another platform and it is really an effective way to make money as a photographer, which is, envato marketplace. Create an account there and start selling your shots. The link is given below:

Photodune – A marketplace for photographers:

It is a marketplace dedicated for photographers on which many photographers are earning money by selling their shots. Each photo can be sold as minimum per 1$ and some are sold at the rate of 5$. These shots have sells up to more than 1,000 and much more. If we multiply 5$ with 1,000 sells it’s equal to 5,000$.

Then what are you waiting for, keep moving and share this useful post with your friends and family. If you have any query and question regarding this, feel free to ask.


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