How to download videos from without software – Step by step guide

how to download videos

If you want to download videos from the without using any software, then you are at a right place because we will make it simple for you guys to download any video from the without using any other third-party software.

First, let me to tell you about is the third largest video portal being used in Pakistan. You guys might be aware that youtube was blocked in Pakistan, it made a pathway for to gloom and take over the video sharing website slot. So, it does occupied that slot and became one of the huge and giant video hosting and sharing website of not only Pakistan but also it being used all over the world.

How to download videos from without using any software?

This is a very simple and step by step guide to download the videos from without software. It consists of only 2 to 3 simple following steps.


1. Open and search for the video you want to download.

2. Click on the video and let the video open.

how to download videos 1

3. Right click on the window and click on view source

how to download videos 2


4. A window like below will appear.

how to download videos 3


5. Press Ctrl+f or f3 to open a find dialog box.

Note: if you are using firefox then it will be at the bottom of the screen and if you are using google chrome then it will at the top right side of the screen as mentioned in the below picture.

how to download videos 4


6. (a). type mp4 and hit enter. (b). it will search for the video link, select it and right click or copy this link (c). click on Go to http:…… the link or if you have copied that link then open a new tab and paste it and hit to download videos 5

7. A window like below will appear showing your video which is ready to be downloaded. Right click on it and click save video to download videos 6

Tada..! the video has started to be downloaded. If you really liked this tutorial then feel free to share it with your friends an family member to help us grow more and more.

Thanks in advance.


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