How to Avoid Grammar Mistakes in Writing Post

Mistakes and how to avoid them2

To write the high quality posts, it is utmost important to avoid minor or major grammar mistakes. It is important because of the following reasons mainly:

Reasons of why to avoid grammar mistakes

  • It decreases readability to the readers and makes it confusing to understand the post.
  • It also has the negative impression in the Google or other major search engine indexing.
  • It gives bad impression to the readers as well. A good post with many grammar mistakes makes it mess up.

In order to avoid the grammar error and mistakes, you do not necessarily need to be a high class negative writer or excellent in English writing. Just follow my tips, I hope they will help you avoid making mistakes in the blog posts writing.

Tips to Avoid Grammar Mistakes in Writing Blog Posts

  1. Never write too long sentences. Write short or adequate size sentences to increase comprehension.
  2. Use the spell checker to confirm the spelling of a word, if you are not sure. Sometimes the spelling errors are not high lighted by the word processors, blogger or WordPress.
  3. Avoid using the slang words or sentences. Use the decent and professional style of writing.
  4. Avoid using the short forms, abbreviations without defining them properly.
  5. Take care of the punctuation marks wherever necessarily. Punctuation marks are very important to use and help increase the comprehension.
  6. You should have the knowledge to avoid common grammar mistakes. The best source that like to prefer is the HERE.
  7. Always proof read a few times or once at least after you finish writing and before publishing the post.
  8. Prefer to use the British style of writing, e.g., write colour” instead color.
  9. Ask your friend to have a read for you and give you feedback. It is good to get feedback from others, since sometimes it is difficult to identify mistakes or inconsistency by yourself.
  10. Avoid using the difficult vocabulary. Also avoid using the words that you are not sure about.


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