Google announces new Calendar app for iOS: Screenshots leaked

People were hoping to see new changes by Google across iOS too, as it launched a calendar app for Android devices back in the November last year.

We can say that the Google’s calendar app for iOS will appear in the market having a minimalistic Graphic User Interface (GUI), as per depicted by the screenshots leaked by one of the tipster.

Google announces Calender app for iOS - Screenshots Leaked

You may have seen many android applications on Google Play Store developed by Google for android, but now Google is developing application for Apple Operating System i.e. iOS. Though the application for iOS which is Calendar has not yet been launched but its screenshots has been leaked by one of the iOS tipster or we can say a technology geek.

Google applications are fun to use and it is a very famous development platform where millions of developers taking part on daily basis developing different applications.

This would be the first time Google is offering dedicated Calender app for iOS. User interface of the iOS app for calender is colourful, bright and eye catchy, as it will sport the photos and map directly to your Calender.

Now we have to wait for the full release of this awesome Calendar app for iOS to check out the other features of this application. But these screenshots are telling us that this Calender app for iOS will be soon in the market with remarkably great features.

Google announces Calender app for iOS - Screenshots Leaked 2

As the team of thenextweb has asked Google about the app’s arrival but they haven’t got any confirmation regarding date of release. We will let you know when this app will hit the market.


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