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Future life in 2116 will be very innovative, interesting and wonderful that it will make you say wow. You might be wondering to know that how will the life would be in future?

According to the academics and research of the team, it is predicted that the future life of 2116 will consist of many wonderful things that will be under your observations included smart things, smart appliances, smart and even the underwater cities, smart drones etc. All the things will come into existence with the progressively increasing and successful struggle by Samsung and SmartThings.

The Future Underwater Cities:

underwater cities - future

Moreover, the mega structures and also the sky wrappers tearing the clouds will be there for you in that upcoming era. The team has also predicted that the vacations will be celebrated on moon and mars.

Not only the buildings will tear the sky and clouds but even they will go underground as far as 25 stories which we can call as “earth-scrapers“.

The growing population will be the cause of these super tall skyscrapers in the center of urban areas where a huge mass of beings will be living. We cannot predict the height of these mega structures as they will be so tall as never seen before. All the things were predicted by existing technology that is emerging day by day, only there is a need of cost efficiency. The team of experts forecasting “the future life in 2116” includes architects, futurists and speakers belonging to University of Westminster.

The Future Sky Wrappers and Earth Scrapers:

sky wrappers and earth scrappers

Furthermore, the experts believe in the “bubble cities” that will be inside oceans and produce oxygen from the surrounding water. Personal drones will act as personal conveyance to travel anywhere.

dome city on mars

Food industries will get boosted by by 3D technology as predicted by the team. You will feel comfort when you can order your desired meal from the menu offered by chefs and restaurant. 4 course 3D printed meal will help in this process, what after it? You can take your whole home to the vacation spot you chose with large drone.

The Future Large Drone Lifting Home:

large drones

The technology emerging at an accelerated speed can be seen and it will certainly reach to the extent of future products coming ahead of us. As our society is at growth of rapid development we have never seen before.

Someone might get scary from all those predictions and things coming up in the future but we are quite sure that all of us will get addicted to it by and by. All of the things and stuffs are just the predictions made by a research team and all of it may be right by the end. There is none other than the laws of physics, that may get in the way of these inventions and future predictions but rapid growth in technological development can make it certainly possible.

Advancements in technology like smart homes and 3D printing will certainly be common like smartphones.


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