Fully Funded Scholarship (MENA) by Coca-Cola for Pakistan

A fully funded scholarship programme has been launched by Coca-Cola by collaborating with US State Department. It is sponsoring 100 university students from Middle East, North Africa and Near Asia (MENA), and giving a chance for fully funded summer entrepreneurship programme.

MENA scholarship programme is based upon competition which is “Make Tomorrow Better”. In this competition intended applicants will compete in a contest to win this chance.

fully funded scholarship by coca-cola

MENA Fully Funded Scholarship Program Details:

This scholarship program will remain for four weeks and will take place at the Indiana University’s prestigious Kelly School of Business after selection of winning candidates.

This fully funded scholarship by Coca-Cola is available in 7 countries. The countries of MENA region as told before including Pakistan, Egypt, Jordon, Palestine, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

Pakistan will be awarded with 14 scholarships out of total 100 scholarships.

This scholarship program will start in July, 2016 and will end up in August, 2016. The winning students will be given a chance to fly to America along with free accommodation, free meals and free visa.

The clash between the Ramadan and the course will be under consideration as noted by the programme guidelines. That’s why, the Indiana University ensures to give you proper accommodation for all the winning students because of Ramadan.

The candidates are required to submit their business ideas which will make their country’s tomorrow better as mentioned by Cola-Cola’s competition “Make Tomorrow Better”.

The submitted ideas are shared on the local page of Coca-Cola and open for voting online. The top 25 ideas with most of the appreciation and votes will make up to the semi-finals. Then, the jury will decide and select the 14 contestants who will win the chance to get this fully-funded scholarship. 14 winning students will fly to United States from 1st July to 5th August, 2016.

Fully Funded Scholarship Requirements:

The willing students should apply before 20 March, 2016 for registration. The process to submit the business idea will take place after registration.

After registration, the ideas can be submitted here.

Students which are enrolled in a university and aged between 18 to 24 years can apply for this programme. The candidates should have a valid passport and also a little experience of traveling to United States of America.

The criteria for the eligibility can be found on the programme’s homepage.

Click Here to view and vote for the best ideas, after registration.


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