Flipkart’s ‘The Big Billion Day’ made it trending


Flipkart ‘The Big Billion Day’ has been advertised online as well offline since few weeks. This giant eCommerce site has went trending on Google and other search engines.

Indian eCommerce giant ‘Flipkart’ has gone trending on Google and other search engines (by promoting huge discounts on good upto 80% and advertising ‘The Big Billion Day’) as it has sold more than One billion worthy products online.

Various sites like CNN, indiatimes is writing its contents on its profit.

NEWS: One news has been spread out that the products makers called vendors of the products that has been sold at really low price approx. 80% discounts on Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon has been accused by those vendors. The products makers accused them to devalue their goods so much – SRC

Some products devalued on Flipkart:

Flipkart The Big Billion Day

As you can see that Apple iPhone 5S actual price is Rs. 53,500 INR and it is being sold at Rs. 39,999 INR.

Flipkart The Big Billion Day 2

Samsung Galaxy Core 2 which actually costs about Rs. 12,420 INR but it is being sold at Rs. 8,490 INR.


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