Facebook: A Leading Internet Social Network

As the technology increases, the world shrinks. After the invention of Internet, the world became a Global village. As it gives us the platform to communicate to the far places through some messengers and even we can video chat means we can chat face by face using webcam. The Facebook is one of the platform which is the leading internet social network. What is Social Network? Social network is a social structure for the individuals or groups for some purposes i.e. Friendship, Dislikes, Communities, Groups, Financial purposes, Business etc.



So many Social Networks have been created but the FACEBOOK which is a leading Internet Social Network and website which was launched by the Facebook Inc. in 2004, and its trend is increasing day by day from city level to village level and from grown person to a child. As by report of Wikipedia, it has more than 500 million users active in July 2010. In Facebook, users create their personal profiles, add their friends and make new friends also, and they share their views, messages, photos, videos, doing business and the automatic notifications when they update their profiles and status. The users can join some communities, groups created by some schools, colleges or some workplaces. You can play some games with your friends and it has also some applications for application lovers.

As mentioned above that it is being used from adult to a child but there is an age restriction for the kids younger than 13. But there are some demerits also; such as religious abuses, political impacts, fake accounts i.e. a boy has created a female fake account or vice versa, dating is being common in every country due to the Facebook.
But the conclusion is that the Facebook is a leading social network and in my view it is best to have such a platform and it depends upon the way you are using these things. It is best and I LOVE FACEBOOK.

Facebook was created for gathering the whole humanity under one platform and also also was built for business purposes, but unfortunately it is being used to spread hate speeches, flirting and time-wasting activities.


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