Enable turn-by-turn voice guide in Google Maps – How to

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Google maps is the application which contains world map and navigational support for the user wishing to locate himself or want to travel from one location to another.

It helps the intended user to find the current location, a desired destination or can use the feature of direction which guides the user with certain information and the path from its current location to the desired destination.

Recently, Google has introduced the turn-by-turn voice guide in its Google maps for Pakistani users a week ago.

The guide is amazing with the feature of darkness all around the map, and it only highlights the path or line which guides you to travel from current location to desired destination. It also guides you with the voice to take left or to take right turn when it is needed.

From this feature, the blind people can also take advantage as it will behave as a voice enabled guide for the disabled persons in Pakistan.

Currently, the Google voice guide in navigation is a beta version and can easily be activated or used by the user who have a latest version of Google Maps installed in his/her smartphone.

Here, we will try to guide you about: how to enable the turn-by-turn voice guide in Google Maps in a very simple and easy to follow steps. Just follow them to active that feature.

How to enable voice guide in Google Maps:

Step 1: First of all, open the google maps in your android smartphone. You will get the below screen.

google maps voice guide

Step 2: On the screen above, you can find a big blue circle button containing right arrow which will help you to get directions from your current position to desired location. When you click it, you will get the below screen.

google maps voice guide turn by turn

Step 3: From the above screen, you can find Choose location box. Click on it and type the destination where you want to go or want the google maps to give you directions.Direction from current location to destination

Step 4: From the above screen, you can see i have typed nasim nagar in the box and hit it. You will get the screen as shown above, and then click on the button which is blue colored and containing the UP arrow, hit it to get the below screen.

how to enable voice turn by turn google maps guide

Here we are, this is the google maps voice guide which will guide you turn by turn in Pakistan.

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