Date for SIMs Verification Extended Till 14 April

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Deadline-Date extended for Verificaion of SIMs

As far as we all knew, that the re-verification process or simply we can say Biometric verification process was constraint by the deadline of 26 February, 2015. The Pakistan’s Telecom Authority (PTA) and cellular companies decided to block all the un-verified SIMs after 26, February, 2015 but the date has been extended.

Companies and PTA has not yet officially announced this deadline of blocking the un-verified SIMs.

Some of the reliable sources told us that a meeting took place in this week and they decided to extend the deadline of biometric verification process till 26, April, 2015 but also asked not to officially announce this date.

Earlier, the PTA and other cellular companies decided to run a process about re-verification of SIMs for the subscriber having more than 3 SIMs and their deadline was 26, February, 2015. It means they divided the subscribers into ones having more than 3 SIMs and the others with less than 3 SIMS.

But now, the deadline for both the subscribers is un-officially 26, April, 2015.

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