CNG prices to be reduced – Good News

Government of Pakistan will try to reduce CNG prices by Rs. 2 – 3 per kilogram all across whole country by the next month.

CNG prices are expected to be reduced from the next month in whole Pakistan – according to sources.

CNG prices and CNG rates in Pakistan

Sources also told us that the prices of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) will be reduced by the first week of next month which is March. This reduction will take place after arrival of first cargo of (LNG) liquefied natural gas in Pakistan from Qatar by next month.

Furthermore, All Pakistan CNG Association of Pakistan has also demanded the reduction in prices upto 30% for both CNG and Petrol.

NOTE: CNG and Petrol stations will remain open this whole week.


Moreover, Pakistan has also signed a long-term agreement of $16 Billion with government of Qatar in the very start of this month. The agreement declares that Pakistan will get 3.75 million tonnes of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from the government of Qatar per year. 20% of the gas requirement of Pakistan will be fulfilled from this agreement.

SOURCE: Pakistan Today


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