China will become world’s largest economy and will take over USA

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As we know that China is world’s second largest economy and United States is first among all. Financial and economic critics have opinion that China should become the world’s largest economy now and will rule the world’s economy.

Technical Economics facts

The nominal Gross domestic Product (GDP) for USA estimated for year 2013 is $16.799 trillion, While China’s estimated nominal GDP for 2013 is $9.182 trillion. Although, it is quite clear that China’s economy is way far behind US (almost half), but USA may will abate very soon. English language, Education System, IT market could be the reasons behind it. China is communist, while US is having strong political system too.

According to the world bank, This year china is set to overtake US economy and eventually China will become world’s largest economy.

After remaining superpower for 100 years, The great America will be lagging behind china. So, the power and economy will be shifted towards east from the west. Watch this video report below for further information.

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