Date for SIMs Verification Extended Till 14 April

As far as we all knew, that the re-verification process or simply we can say Biometric verification process was constraint by the deadline of 26 February, 2015. The Pakistan’s Telecom Authority (PTA) and cellular companies decided to block all the … Continue reading

4 Products of Apple that might rock the market

Apple inc. is well-know giant company that develops, designs and sells electronic gadgets, personal computers, online services and computer software. Besides it is known for variety of products including: line of computer – Macintosh systems i.e. iMac, iPhone, iPod and … Continue reading

Windows 10 will allow you to change real world

Microsoft being the technology giant introducing Windows 10 with incredible features – this has been announced on the 21st January when unveiling the features of Windows 10. They have just jumped from Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, … Continue reading