Big Companies for Affiliate Marketing


Now a days, almost all medium or large scale companies are involved to be promoted through the affiliate marketing. It is considered that, now a days a company can promote faster and more effective with the affiliate marketing than the one without affiliate marketing.

That’s why all of the companies are now being involved in the affiliate marketing.

List of Big Affiliate Marketing Companies

  1. Wallmart Inc. USA:
  2. Yahoo Inc. USA.
  3. Delta Inc.
  4. McAfee Inc.
  5. ITunes
  6. AT&T
  7. Marriot
  8. Dell Small Business
  9. Toshiba
  10. Canon
  11. LinkSys Cisco
  12. Sony Erricson
  13. Kellwood
  14. Avon Inc
  15. eBags Inc

and Many More….

Therefore, it is really a good opportunity to start working with selecting the company of your own choice and interest and start promoting it from today. By following the instructions and guidelines you shall see the results coming in few days soon.


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