Ayaan Ali living like a princess in the jail – told warden

Ayyan ali living like a princess

Rawalpindi: (Crispylogs) Ayaan Ali – very prominent and beautiful female model and singer of Pakistan who has been caught and arrested due to money laundering, is living like a princess in the jail.

According to the report of media – a warden of Adiala Jail who has asked to conceal her identity told that: Ayaan Ali is living like a queen in the jail, even no one can see a single glance of her.

She told that – Ayaan has been kept inside a female barrack number 2 (VIP room) including 2 lady care persons to look after her.

Ayaan Ali is living a luxurious life even inside a jail having a television, a refrigerator and a wireless cell phone that no other prisoners can have. The relative who come to meet other prisoners are sent to gate number 3 while the relative of her are sent to the gate number 5 who is under use of police officials and are welcomed by the ladies over there. They are seated inside a superintendent office or even they are sent directly into her VIP rest room.

Two weeks ago, Khalil Malik who is brother to the former interior minister (Mr. Rehman Malik) of Pakistan also came to visit her and was inside her VIP room for half an hour.

The warden also told that: She is having special food items, juices and all the facilities on the finger tips.


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