Axact Exposed by FIA: Reason Pornography

FIA finds AXACT (Bol media) involved in Dirty Business of Pornography

Shoaib Ahmed CEO Axact and Bol Media Group

Karachi: Another Scandal of Axact and Bol Media group has been exposed by Federal Investigation agency (FIA) of Pakistan. According to the sources, FIA officials have found the proofs of records of Pornography videos from the head office of Axact group. The Evidence found on Saturday, by FIA officials, proves that Axact (old Fake degree mill) is also provides hosting services to more than 24 porn websites and hosts their video servers.

Axact, also in past, is alleged for making of pornographic content and publishing to web, continued to refuse those allegations. However, the forensic investigation of videos is still underway, and FIA says that we have couple of “good” proofs in this regard.

Morever, as far as the degree scam is concerned, FIA finds that Axact has done business of over 2.2 million degrees. South Karachi’s Judicial Magistrate has summoned Axact CEO, COO and directors named Shoaib Shaikh, Viqas Atiq and others. Also, the Judicial Magistrate has asked FIA to submit the report as soon as possible within 10 days.

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