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10 Best Project/Thesis Resources For Final Year Students

10 Best ProjectThesis Resources for final year students

Every student tries to do some thing new and innovative in their final year projects. But most of students even don’t have the idea of fields to work in and to start their final year projects just because of lake of resources, helpless by the supervisor and other issues. We are trying to help those students who really face this problem in their final year Project/Thesis. 10 Best Project/Thesis Resources For Final Year Students are here to overcome the problems and issues regarding the projects. From these resources students can get the ideas, guidelines and much more.

Though my project was to interact with the machines without any physical touch. The project title was “Human machine interaction using gesture recognition” and I developed a novel algorithm for it. On the basis of an ordinary camera connection to your personal computer, one can interact with the machine and can give instruction to it to perform some action. Though I was also not getting ideas but at last researching and surfing made me to take this final decision.

Now, there is no need of supervisor to be present with you at initial project selection phase. We are trying to give you as much as possible resources. So, you can easily get the ideas about the projects.

List of Project/Thesis Resources:


1. The HongKong University Of Science And Technology

10 Best Project/Thesis Resources for final year students

2. The University Of HongKong

10 Best Project/Thesis Resources for final year students

3. Elprocus


10 Best Project/Thesis Resources for final year students


4. Inplant Traning By Unique Technologies

10 Best Project/Thesis Resources for final year students

5. Best Project Zone

10 Best Project/Thesis Resources for final year students

420 Rally Denver Celebrating Marijuana Culture In USA

420 Rally


Is festival held annually in Denver city (in U.S state of Colorado) to celebrate marijuana culture.

Marijuana (cannabis) is illegal drug but is used in all over the world. There are different views regarding the use of term 420. According to some people the term was used by a group of students in the 1970s who smoke a joint after school at 4:20 p.m. or it may be because of date of the festival that is 20 April.

It is estimated that some 80,000 people will gather on Saturday and Sunday to celebrate the events in Civic Center in Denver.

According to existing law of the city Denver:

Smoking is prohibited in public places.

City Councilman Charlie Brown is of the opinion that If people want to celebrate 4/20, they should celebrate in privacy of their home.

The governor’s spokesman – Eric Brown has requested people to act responsibly.

Now Amendment 64 allowed recreational use of marijuana on Jan. 1, supporters are struggling to legalize the same in entire USA, not only this, supporter also protesting against existing marijuana restrictions.

420 Rally Denver Celebrating Marijuana Culture:



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10 Facts about the Muslims

Muslim World

Islam is the second largest religion after Christianity in the world – according to CIA. The population of world was about 7,021,836,029 in July 2012. The Christians are 31.59% and Muslims are 25.2%. By combination of Christians and Muslims, it covers  56.79 population of the world. More over 50 nations of the world have Muslims’ majority. Here are the 10 facts about Muslim World.

The whole world says that Muslims are terrorists, it is totally wrong and does not suit this religion as it is the religion of peace. It’s name gives us the meaning “Islam” means Peace. There are certain facts about Muslims that the whole world should know, these are mentioned below.

Some Facts About Muslim World:

  1. Khan Ka’aba is the most Respectable and Honorable place for Muslims All over the world.  Biggest fact, Thousands of Muslim Gather every year and Perform Hajj at Makkah in Saudi Arabia and shows the Best  Sign Of unity which you could not see from other religions.
  2. Largest Muslim country is Kazakhstan (According to Area).
  3. Largest Muslim country is Indonesia (According to Population).
  4. Pakistan is the First Muslim and 7th Nuclear Power of the world but now a days Iran also doing the work on Nuclear Power.
  5. Qatar and Oman are the Richest Muslims countries.
  6. Saudia Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Libya are in the list of Top 10 Oil reserves Countries.
  7. Iran, Qatar, Saudia Arabia, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria and Algeria have the Largest Natural Gas Reserves.
  8. Pakistan, Turkey, Iran and Egypt are in the list of Top 10 countries with largest army.
  9. Khewara Salt mine, world’s Second largest mine situated in khewra Pakistan.
  10. Thar Desert is the one of the Largest Desert situated in Pakistan.

Biggest and negligible fact:

Thousands of Muslims gather every year and perform Hajj at Makkah in Saudia Arabia and show the best sign of unity.

The most spiritual and honorable Place for the Muslims of all over the World is  “Khana Kaaba” in Makkah Saudia Arabia.

Muslim World


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