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Pakistan Parliament is the first to run on solar panels

Parliament House Pakistan runs on solar energy

Pakistan Parliament gets the number one and becomes the first legislative house that will use the solar energy to meet its electricity needs.

It will get the electricity from the solar panels plated on the roof of the Pakistan Parliament for its electricity needs and it will also supply the additional electricity to the national grid as well.

Before this, “Knesset” – the Israeli Parliament utilized this type of energy production for their electricity needs but they were only gaining 10 percent of electricity as their backup or secondary source. But the primary source of power was conventionally produced electricity.

Amount of solar energy produced by the solar panels installed at the roof of the Pakistan Parliament can produce total of 80 MWs of electricity. However, the parliament building will only consume 64 MWs  and the surplus/excessive energy that is 16 MWs will be supplied to the national grid.

From Friday, the National Assembly building was consuming the energy produced by these solar panels. Hence, they were not consuming the energy from the national grid but even that they were supplying 16 MWs to it.

Net Metering System has been provided to the National Assembly by the Water and Power Ministry officials, which will calculate the amount of electrical energy provided to national grid. From this way, the National Assembly will generate a fine amount of revenue.

Furthermore, the Net Metering System will also be available for Pakistani citizens, through which they will sell their surplus energy to the government.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chinese President Xi Jinping have collaboratively inaugurated this project when Mr. Xi Jinping visited Islamabad last year.

Total amount of energy needed by Pakistan:

  • 15,000 MWs

Shortage of energy in Pakistan:

  • 3,000 MWs


From 2015, the Government of Pakistan has taken sufficient steps towards the prosperity of this motherland and to overcome the energy crisis which it is facing. They have installed first solar production unit in Cholistan named as “Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park” which was producing approximately 100 MWs of electrical energy.

quaid e azam solar park

Syed Abubakar who is an award winning expert and an Environmental Journalist said that:

“Projects like Parliament’s are an indication of government’s commitment towards renewable energy. We expect it would install more solar plants to meet energy needs”

Android app for earthquake will notify you – An amazing app

android app to detect earthquakes


“Myshake” is an android application developed by scientists that will extend the android ability to detect whether the suspicious movement or activity is caused by earthquake or by human being.


The University of California has done a great job when its researchers unveiled an android app that can help people to detect the movements and will alert you about it prior to its occurrence.

Earthquake detection application will turn your smartphone to earthquake detectors. It will really help the people to know whether these movements have been caused by some human beings doing joke or is really an earthquake.

How android app detects earthquake?

The phone must have android app for earthquake detection “Myshake” that will able to detect earthquakes by crowdsourcing your smartphones as background earthquake detectors.

When some kind of suspicious movements are detected, it alerts you about the earthquake. It sends the signals to its processing centre where the whole information detected from your smartphones is processed by using that knowledge and then it also notifies the nearby people who have also installed this app prior to its occurrence.

Will it be proximate or accurate?

The researchers and developers told that this android application does have some limitations, because of some phones might have low quality of accelerometers. But the reliability and accuracy also depends upon how much that android app is being installed by the people.

The greater the number of people, the greater the accuracy to detect the earthquakes accurately because all phones will work together and all in proximity to each other. Thus, the android app will give you best and accurate results.

The lab in University of California, Berkeley named as “Qingkai Kong of Seismological Lab” told:

“The accelerometers in the smartphones are similar as we used to detect earthquakes in the field of seismology

He further said:

Some of the accelerometers used in the smartphones are of relatively low quality but together they can perform well and accurately. Also, the application runs in the background and consumes very low battery power.


Have it been in practical?

A seismologist “Roger Musson” along with the British Geology Survey told it when we tested the application it can easily detect earthquake for prior detection, if the intended victims were at 300 kilometers away from the place of earthquake. But if you are at the zone of earthquake you will get notifications and alert about it a couple of minutes before to get to safer place before it happens or goes much powerful.


“Double Everything” Offer by Zong for its Prepaid Customers

double offer zong

Double Everything Offer by Zong has been announced for the prepaid customers which will double everything almost.

Zong is the telecommunication giant of Pakistan which is really famous for its packages. They do care about the poor nation of Pakistan as well.

Recently, Zong has announced the “Double Everything” offer for its prepaid subscribers which will 100% double every bundle almost ranging from talk time minutes, SMS, internet in the same price (No extra charges will be imposed on the customers on its activation).

This amazing offer will not be automatically upgraded.

How to active Double Everything Offer – Zong:

Dial *22# and active it.

The service will activated to give you enjoyment of doubling almost every bundle whether it is SMS, voice call, internet etc.

A-Taxi to be started in lahore after metro bus service

A-Taxi soon to be started in lahore after metro bus

A Turkey based company named as “Al-Bayrak” is starting the service of A-Taxi in Lahore, Pakistan which is highly demanded by lahorians.

Do you guys know? The same company has been running many services in Pakistan before. Have you ever heard of Metro Bus Project running in Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi? Waste management projects running in same cities and also in murree? This company is responsible for all these project before and they have decided to start this A-Taxi project in Lahore, Pakistan now.

A-Taxi is the new service which will be soon be starting its formal operations from Lahore first.

A-Taxi Specifications:

Al-Bayrak will initially launch a fleet of 100 new taxi service cars. The A-Taxi will be equipped with latest technology and gadgets:

  • It will feature air-conditioners.
  • It also contains GPS system for navigational purposes.
  • Honda City and Suzuki Swift will be used for special taxi service.
  • A-Taxi’s color will be bright, so that it can easily be distinguished from other cars and taxis.
  • It will be equipped with a fare-meter that will be used to charge customers based on distance which they will travel.

A-Taxi honda city as taxi service

A-Taxi Charges:

  • The passengers will be charged with a default of Rs. 100 from place to place.
  • If the destination is within 3 km, it will only cost Rs. 100 overall.
  • Travelers will be charged more if they distance exceeds 3 km.
  • Rs. 30/km will be charged if distance is more than 3 km.

This amazing facility is available is in lahore only for the first time. It can be booked prior by calling on their number or passengers can use an android application for booking purposes and call the cab wherever and whenever they want.  Also customers can walk out and stop the taxi to reach their destination.

This project has been contracted with other turkish company for management and they will construct 15 stop inside the city available near each bus stop.

24/7 is the availability of this taxi service.

How to Book A-Taxi:

  • Call UAN #: (042) 111-961-961
  • Get the taxi at your doorsteps using Android app (The app is yet to go online).

A-Taxi will start to work from February 16, 2016 in lahore after inauguration ceremony in the Istanbul.

Telenor’s new tagline will be “Sacha Saath”

Telenor new tagline

Telenor being one of the telecommunication giant of Pakistan changing its slogan (tagline) from “Sachi Yaari” to “Sacha Saath“.

As we know that technology is advancing day by day as well as competition among the competitors. They want to inspire the users and client by giving giveaways and many offers.

We know that the organization must have a precise, attractive title. Tagline has also a great impact to be imposed. Multiple organization working currently in Pakistan have unique taglines or slogan in order to impress and inspire the customers.

Telenor is one of the giant telecommunication organization working currently in Pakistan which is serving about millions of customers. It was boosting in the start because they started to offer great deals and packages for their intended customers. But, when other organization came into being increased the competition for it as well as other companies in the market.

So, Telenor has decided to change the Tagline from “Sachi Yaar” to “Sacha Saath” which will be replacing the tagline of Talkshawk as well the the entire company. It means the “Sacha Saath” will become the slogan for the whole company as well.

Telenor officials said that we decided to change because the new communication and advancement will be playing a natural extension for the customers’ in their everyday life. “Yaari” to “Saath” is the evolution of the relationship between the Telenor and their respective customers.

According to Propakistan:

“Telenor has already made heavy media bookings in print and electronic media for its new campaign valuing over Rs. 100 million”