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Aamir Liaquat taunting General Raheel Sharif – Watch Video

Aamir Liaquat who is known as the Islamic scholar of Pakistan and also was a political leader taunting the Army Chief of Pakistan named General Raheel Shareef in front of media.

aamir liaquat taunts general raheel sharif

Aamir Liaquat has always been a strong victim of criticism because of his ill and wrong deeds. Recently, he has published a video in which the Aamir Liaquat is taunting the President, Prime Minister, Army Chief of Pakistan on allocating the land to Imran Khan.

Watch: How Aamir Liaquat taunts Gen Raheel Sharif:

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T20 World Cup: Pakistan team reaches India

Pakistan cricket team finally reaches to take part in ICC T20 World Cup and put their feet on the land of India’s city Kolkata on this evening of Saturday.

At the airport, the Pakistani cricket team was greeted and welcomed by the former Indian cricket captain and by the chief of West bengal Cricket Association named Sourav Ganguly. At the platform of airport, the security arrangements were made more tighten to ensure the safety of neighbour country’s cricket team.

The Pakistan Team will stay in Taj Hotel as reported by the sources.

Tomorrow, the team of Pakistan will play only warm-up match against Sri Lanka on Sunday. This match will take place before the start-up of the ICC World Cup T20 campaign which will be on 16 March against the first qualifier of Group B (Bangladesh or Oman).

ICC T20 World Cup - Pakistan Team reaches kolkata, India

The strong and most-anticipating match which will be held between the Shahid Afridi’s eleven and the India will be on 19 March at the Eden Garden, Kolkata. The place has been shifted from Dharamsala to Kolkata due to security reasons.

On March 26 and March 29, Pakistani team will travel to Mohali to play cricket matches against New Zealand and Australia respectively, after the two matches which will be played at Eden Garden.

SRC: Samaa

Bangladesh will be no longer a Muslim Official State

After the attacks on the minorities living inside Bangladesh, the officials of the country have decided to drop the Bangladesh official religion which is Islam from their country – reported by Times of India.

The minorities living in the Bangladesh includes Christians, Hindus and Muslim minority Shiites have faced a lot of attacks on them. The attacks are believed to be carried by the extremists of Islam.

Bangladesh will no longer be Muslim State

The Daily Mail has reported that:

The Supreme Court of Bangladesh is hearing a huge number of votes in removing and dropping Islam from the official religion of the country.

Islam is among the most accepted and top religion of the world. It is an official religion of Bangladesh since 1988. The minorities leaders of the country argue against the Islam being the official religion of the intended country.

Bangladesh population:

90% population of Bangladesh is Muslim, 8% are Hindus while only 2% is of minority religion followers are living in.

Huge number of people are murdered and killed in the past few months. The party named as Jamatul Mujahedeen Bangladesh and Ansarullah Bangla Team are believed to do bomb attacks and killings of many innocent Bangladesh’s minorities.



Turkish Coast sank a boat and drown 18 refugees

A boat has been sank off the turkish coast which was carrying 18 refugees going to reach Greece on this Sunday, 3-Mar-2016 – reported by state-run Anatolian Agency.

boat sinks off turkish coast

Those people were going through the way of Turkey and drowned when their boat sank off the Turkish Coast. The guards of the Turkish Coast saved 15 people and recovered 18 bodies from the Aegean Sea which is near to the town of Didim.

Recently, only 15 people were rescued but the search is continued to find more victims.

Turkish way is being used since 2015 by refugees to travel to Europe. Many people have illegally traveled through this way. Most of the people belong to the Middle East, north Africa and Asia and mostly from the Syria, Iraq and Iran.

Number of illegal travel using Turkish coast:

The number of 135,000 people have traveled to europe illegally using the route of Turkey and many of them have died as well.

Ahmet Davutoglu who is the Prime Minister of Turkey traveled to summit with the European Union Leaders to handle these types of illegal travel specially using the route of Turkey.

SRC: firstpost and irishtimes

3 wives and 33 children – A man wishing to make century

Pakistan: A common man living in a tribal area of Pakistan has given birth to 33 children from 3 wives and he wishes to make century of kids.

The guy who is called by the name “Jan Muhammad” is a resident of Quetta, Pakistan. He has a total of 33 children among which 13 are sons and 19 are daughters.

His two wives are also pregnant and soon the number will be 35 from 33. Jan Muhammad is a medical technician by the profession and he plays football match usually by making different teams of his children.

man with 33 children

Jan Muhammad’s favourite daughter who’s name is Shagufta being eldest among all the daughters. He fulfills all the expence of his children and she also studies in ninth class.

This man with 33 children spends 100,000 (1 lac) rupees for educating his children monthly.

What man with 33 children says?

This birth giving machine says:

I want to do fourth marriage too, and also wish that i will make a century of 100 children in the future.

He further says:

I got married in the year 1999 and 5 children were dead till yet. I am really thankful to God for giving me that amount of kids.

Furthermore, he added:

I am a medical technician and running a medical clinic. This clinic is sufficient to fulfill all the needs of my house. Still I have no complains or expenses that make me worry

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