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Altaf Hussain body is secreting bad liquid – Nabil Gabol

Altaf Hussain’s body is secreting or excreting a bad liquor (fluid) even though no one can enter in his room – an astonishing revelation by Nabil Gabol about the disease of the leading political party Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).

In the show, “Off the record” which is hosted by Kashif abbasi – on aired Nabil Gabol and asked him about the condition of MQM leader Altaf Hussain. On the reply, Nabil Gabol deciphered an astonishing revelation about Altaf Hussain’s disease.

altaf hussain disease

He said, Mr. Altaf Hussain is suffering from more than 3 diseases and he also said that he has heard from some sources that Mr. Altaf Hussain (also known as Altaf Bhai) is suffering from a very dangerous and astounding disease in which his whole body is secreting a fluid with bad odour. The bad odour is as much weird and bad as no one can even enter his room.

He further said that some of guys named babar gori is faking his calls and trying to speak like Mr. Altaf Hussain on telephone calls because he was also a Stage show actor who usually tried to speak like most of the politicians as well.

Know Altaf Hussain’s disease from Nabil Gabol – Watch Video:

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WordPress Tutorial: A Complete Guide For Beginners – How to

WordPress Tutorial Guide For Beginners is a complete and step by step guide for beginners that will help them to learn from very scratch in an easy language. If you are searching an easy and step by step WordPress Tutorial guide, then you will come to know that this article is best for you. Because we use easy language and try our level best to create articles that are easy to understand and follow.

First of all, you should be little aware of what actually the WordPress is? If you don’t know, then don’t worry we have an article that will help you out to understand “what the WordPress is?” in a very clear and precise way. First read the below article to get some knowledge about WordPress and come back:

WordPress tutorial guide - step by step

How To – WordPress Tutorial Guide:

Click to know: What is WordPress?

Now if the concept about WordPress is clear, then we can move forward to the rest of the guide. Now, we can say that you have a little bit knowledge about WordPress.

The next thing to keep in mind is that “The WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS)” which allows you to manage your content of website easily. The content can refer to anything like theme, plugins, images, posts, pages, categories, tags etc. If you want to know more about CMS, then go ahead with the following link:

What is CMS (Content Management System)?

Next step is to get information about versions of WordPress. There are two versions of WordPress i.e WordPress.com and WordPress.org. You will get to know and learn both versions of WordPress. Firstly, in order to learn WordPress.com, you have to go on an article which will guide you about WordPress.com by following the below link:

What is WordPress.com?

To know what is WordPress.org? you have to go on:

What is WordPress.org?

So, moving forward to the rest of the article. Firstly, you should know how to setup a local server on your PC. The question should be, why we need it? The answer to this question is simple, if you don’t have a website and domain, then localhost will help us out of this issue. The local server will help us to learn WordPress as like as we are working on our own domain and hosting. Here, your domain will be localhost and your hosting will your own PC. So, at this stage we don’t need any website, if you don’t own it yet. Also, it is better to work on localhost as novice (newbie) user because you might do some mistakes in the procedure of learning.

1. Setting up Localhost for WordPress:

First of all, you have to download a server for your PC. There are many local servers that can be installed on your PC to make it a local server i.e Xampp, Wamp etc.

Both servers are easy to use and free to download. But here we will be working with Xampp. Here are the links we have collected for you where you can easily download this server. Follow the steps below:

Installing and setting Xampp:

a. Download Xampp HERE:

installing xampp

b. Run the installation wizard or setup. If you are windows user, then you will see the below screen. Click the Next button to proceed.

Xampp setup welcome screen


c. In the next window, you will be asked to install components using check boxes.

Here, we are going to learn about WordPress. So, Apache and PHP are essential to be installed and we can’t do anything with because they both are disabled.

You have to check the phpMyAdmin and MySQL and uncheck all the other components that are not essential for WordPress. In last, click Next.

Select Xampp Components

d. After that, a window will appear and ask you about the directory where you want to install the Xampp. Here, i am installing it in the folder: C:\Program Files\XAMPP.


e. On the next window, uncheck “Learn more about Bitnami” and proceed onwards by clicking on Next button.



f. After all these steps, Xampp is ready to be installed on your machine, click Next.

xampp installation

g. Once installed, it will ask you to open the Xampp control panel. It is OK, let it be checked and click Finish.


Now, we have to set up our Xampp control panel. It should be automatically opened, if not, then you might have unchecked the option in the last window that appeared. Don’t worry, Go to your Xampp installation directory or use Start menu and search for the Xampp control panel. Click it to open Xampp Control Panel.


All the process of installing Xampp server went smooth with the green and blue text in the bottom portion of the window. But there is a little bit in it.

The red text in the window are due to port conflict and they are easy to be resolved.

Fixing the port conflict issue in Xampp:

This issue usually occurs because somewhere the port which is 80 or 443 are being utilized by other programs or services running in your machine.

If you are using Windows 7, then it is most probably messengers like skype or any other. Uninstall them and again open Xampp, it will fine now.

If you are using Windows 10, then World Wide Web Publishing Service is using your port address 80, you have to stop it or even delete it. Follow the step below to stop the services from using port 80.

  1. Go to Start and open “services.msc” by typing it.
  2. Scroll down in the Services window and find World Wide Web Publishing Service
  3. Right click on it and select Stop
  4. Tada, it’s done. You have freed your port 80.
  5. Restart your XAMPP, it will be running without red errors.

If the issue is not resolved yet. Then follow the alternative method to free your ports 80 and 443.

  1. Open Windows Firewall on your machine and > click on “Advanced Settings” on the left
  2. Click on “Inbound” on the left then on the right click “New Rule”
  3. Click “Port” and then “TCP”. In the field below for “Specific Ports” type in “80, 443” and click Next
  4. Check the box of “Allow the Connection” then click Next
  5. Check all the options and click Next
  6. In the name field, enter anything, but for consistency, type LOCALHOST1 and Click Finish
  7. Now repeat steps 1-6, but change the name and name this new rule LOCALHOST2 and click Finish
  8. Restart your computer

This method will surely resolve the port conflicting issue of Xampp that was occurring before.

Running XAMPP:

Now open XAMPP control panel and start the services of  Apache and MySQL by clicking on the buttons beside the text of it Start.

Xampp port conflit issue resolved

Excellent! You XAMPP is working fine. Now your machine is acting like a local server where you can practice PHP and also use WordPress.

If you want to check that your server is up and running.

How to check XAMPP up and running:

Open up any browser and type: http://localhost and hit enter. A window showing xampp page will open up, it means XAMPP is up and running successfully. Cheers!

Installing WordPress:

Before installing WordPress, you should be aware of your local server which is Xampp. Go to the directory where you have installed your Xampp, I have installed it in C:\Program Files\XAMPP. So, my local host directory inside my installation folder i.e. “htdocs” where i will be working is C:\Program Files\XAMPP\htdocs.

Now moving towards installation of WordPress. This below steps and WordPress tutorial will help you out with ease. To install WordPress, we will have to follow simple 5 steps:

1. Download latest version of WordPress from WordPress.org

2. Unzip and place those WordPress folder inside htdocs

3. Create a MySQL database

4. Configure WordPress and connect to database

5. Run the WordPress script

1. Download WordPress:

First of all, you have to download latest version of WordPress from WordPress.org.

2. Unzip and place WordPress inside server:

install wordpress inside local server

3. Create a MySQL database:

Now, we have to setup and create our database that will be used in WordPress. Open your browser and type “localhost/phpmyadmin” and hit enter.

You will get following screen, follow the step shown in the images to create MySQL database. I am naming my database “table”.

setup sql database

setup sql database wordpress


4. Configure WordPress and connect to database:

In order to configure WordPress, we have to create a wp-config.php file. But here, it will generated automatically with mouse clicks. Follow the step to configure WordPress.

configure wordpressIf you have followed the above steps, then your WordPress is configured but not yet connected to you database which was created previously. Follow the below steps to connect WordPress to database.

connect wordpress to database 1

Now, you have to fill in the information required in the next step. The information which is required is described below:

  • Database Name: It should be same as we have used earlier, I used “table” but you have to enter what you gave it in the previous step. If you gave the same name as I have used, then it’s with “table” inside Database Name.
  • Username: It is “root” by default as per MySQL user name.
  • Password: The password should be left blank if you haven’t mentioned it at the time of creating your database otherwise type the same one if you have mentioned it earlier.
  • Leave the other fields as they are.

connect wordpress to database 25. Run the WordPress script:

It is the last step towards WordPress installation. Just you to follow the below steps mentioned in the images and your WordPress will be installed and ready to use.

run wordpress script


Final Touchup:

Congratulations, you have installed WordPress successfully. Just login to test it.

run wordpress successfully

Lawn dresses 2016 for women by Eden Robe

Lawn dresses and designs for women in 2016 are available in the market and being sold at its peak. These dresses are easily available at the Eden Robe outlets.

All the women must be happy because they are bored from the old fashioned lawn dresses and designs. In 2016, Eden Robe Spring collection brings some new and trendy fashioned clothings that will make you more beautiful and eye catchy.

We are sharing the collection of all the designs with the details respectively as you girls can take full advantage of our online magazine. This collection has been gathered and contains all the dresses along with their details for the unstitched lawn dresses by Eden Robe in 2016.

Moreover, the spring collection lawn designs 2016 by Eden Robe consists of pajamas, short shirts and long shirts with awesome and eye catchy designs.

Check out the collection of lawn dresses by Eden Robe in 2016 for women.

Note: Click on the images to enlarge them in order to see the details and proper design.

Eden Robe Spring Lawn Collection 2016 for Women:

Eden-Robe-16 Eden-Robe-17 Eden-Robe-15 Eden-Robe-14 Eden-Robe-13 Eden-Robe-12 Eden-Robe-11 Eden-Robe-10 Eden-Robe-9 Eden-Robe-8 Eden-Robe-5 Eden-Robe-6 Eden-Robe-7 Eden-Robe-1 Eden-Robe-4 Eden-Robe-3 Eden-Robe-2

Enable turn-by-turn voice guide in Google Maps – How to

Google maps is the application which contains world map and navigational support for the user wishing to locate himself or want to travel from one location to another.

It helps the intended user to find the current location, a desired destination or can use the feature of direction which guides the user with certain information and the path from its current location to the desired destination.

Recently, Google has introduced the turn-by-turn voice guide in its Google maps for Pakistani users a week ago.

The guide is amazing with the feature of darkness all around the map, and it only highlights the path or line which guides you to travel from current location to desired destination. It also guides you with the voice to take left or to take right turn when it is needed.

From this feature, the blind people can also take advantage as it will behave as a voice enabled guide for the disabled persons in Pakistan.

Currently, the Google voice guide in navigation is a beta version and can easily be activated or used by the user who have a latest version of Google Maps installed in his/her smartphone.

Here, we will try to guide you about: how to enable the turn-by-turn voice guide in Google Maps in a very simple and easy to follow steps. Just follow them to active that feature.

How to enable voice guide in Google Maps:

Step 1: First of all, open the google maps in your android smartphone. You will get the below screen.

google maps voice guide

Step 2: On the screen above, you can find a big blue circle button containing right arrow which will help you to get directions from your current position to desired location. When you click it, you will get the below screen.

google maps voice guide turn by turn

Step 3: From the above screen, you can find Choose location box. Click on it and type the destination where you want to go or want the google maps to give you directions.Direction from current location to destination

Step 4: From the above screen, you can see i have typed nasim nagar in the box and hit it. You will get the screen as shown above, and then click on the button which is blue colored and containing the UP arrow, hit it to get the below screen.

how to enable voice turn by turn google maps guide

Here we are, this is the google maps voice guide which will guide you turn by turn in Pakistan.

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Dr Ishrat ul Ebad inaugurates by playing guitar at DUHS, Karachi

Dr. Ishrat ul Ebad Khan who is the well known person since many years as a Sindh Governor has inaugurated the refurbished Moin Auditorium of Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) at Karachi and also played amazing guitar on stage.

The Governor of Sindh Dr. Israt ul Ebad also played an awesome guitar on the stage while inaugurating the refurbished Moin Auditorium at Dow University.

He praised the Dow University of Health Sciences and said that this university has given birth to many doctors who have enlighten the name of their country in every corner of the world.

The Vice Chancellor of the University named Prof. Masood Hameed was also present at ceremony held in Auditorium of the University.

ishrat ul ebad playing guitar

The University of health and sciences rose the hidden secrets love from the Governor of Sindh – Dr. Ishrat ul Ebad and he said that:

I remember, I played the guitar at some ceremony on a very romantic song and fortunately, I secured first prize in that competition.

When the students asked him about the romantic song, he smiled with shy and skipped that question.

When the media reporters asked him about the Kamal of Mustafa, he said, he is trying to understand the situation yet. When he will get clear concepts of what actually Mustafa Kamal is doing, he will respond on this issue.

Watch Video Israt ul Ebad playing guitar at DUHS: