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70+ Amazing Photoshop Photo Effect Tutorials

Photoshop is world’s known software for graphics design and photo manipulation techniques. It is a software that is now essential for every graphics designer. There are thousands of  amazing and best tutorials on internet by experts. Here we present you a huge list of 70+ amazing and fantastic photo manipulation effect tutorials that you will enjoy to learn.

70+ Amazing Photoshop Photo Effect Tutorials



photoshop photo effect tutorials


2. Photoshop tutorial: Wrinkle reduction

Photoshop photo effect tutorials


3. Dramatic Skin Retouching Technique (Premium Tutorial)

Photoshop photo effect tutorials


4. How to Create a Porcelain Skin Effect in Adobe Photshop CS6 (Exclusive Tutorial)

photoshop photo effect tutorials


5. Beautiful Facial Make Up Photoshop Retouching Tutorial


Dancing Fairy Sculptures By Robin Wight

The art is the creation of ideas and then the is shape given to them in order to inspire somebody about something and this field is being growing day by day.

You guys know very well that the ideas depicting the amazing work of art doesn’t rare but the very good and the work that makes you go WOW rare though.

So I made a research on such works and came to know that there are some artists whose work is worth saying wow.

The Artist who belongs to the country none other than United Kingdom (UK) named Robin Wight having specialization in the field of sculpture. He used the amazing idea of using stainless steel wires to create the structure of dancing fairy women.

This spectacular piece of art (dancing fairy) contains the scenes in which the fairies clutching dandelions, and seems to be suspended in the air with the strong support of steel wires.

Robin Wight doesn’t conceal the process of “how to make such amazing fairy sculpture art” but instead he is very happy to share these techniques with you guys on his website along with step by step instructions. Even though he sells his starter kits on his website as well for the people who want to extend his piece of idea.

“Many of his fairies are on display at Trentham Gardens, but he also creates fairies for private clients.”


Dancing Fairy Sculptures By Robin Wight

How to create the sculpture using stainless steel wires:

(Process extracted from the artist’s website)

The very first step to create the structure of these sculptures is to create the steel skeleton then wrapping it onwards with the smaller gauge of wires. It’s simple that the thick wires forms the skeleton and the less thick forms the muscles and body of the sculpture.

NOTE: It’s better to read the rest on the Artist’s website.











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Long Nails Women – Random Photos around the world

Women with beautiful hands and feet are considered as responsible as well as beautiful since since old ages and are on demand in south Asian countries. Nails are considered as beauty enhancing element in women. Young girls leave their nails to grow up-to some suitable length to increase their beauty of hands. The reason of leaving the nails to grow up to some extent is because delicacy of women is shown from her hands and that is what because of long nails comes.
Long nail Women

Length of nails is major factor which effects major on beauty of women. Yes longer than a suitable length sometimes makes her weird witch. So don’t try to make yourself look like a Weird Witch. See below some photos of women with long and longest nails and decide whether they look beautiful or witches!

Photos of Women with Long Nails: (Long Nails Women) 
Amazing Women's Nails 01 Amazing Women's Nails 02 Amazing Women's Nails 03 Amazing Women's Nails 04 Amazing Women's Nails 05 Amazing Women's Nails 06 Amazing Women's Nails 07 Amazing Women's Nails 08 Amazing Women's Nails 09 Amazing Women's Nails 10

3D Street Art Illusions Make You Think Alot To Believe!

Mind Blowing 3D Street Art Illusions that really make one to think and observe a lot to believe that they are just illusions. Street art is one of top trends in the world and the magicians of these illusions earn a lot money and fame because their work make local street more and more attractive for persons and visitors to stay there.

Street arts somehow and somewhere express the mood of gloom and depression and somewhere even realistic and to be optimistic. These arts are being really very famous around the world and most probably or might be this field be introduced as a subject for art students.

There are a lot of cool and interesting collections of mind blowing 3d street art illusions available but what makes this post special is colorfulness and more realistic art.

Yes I came up today with this post for you to enjoy and try to believe that all are just flat art.

“Your game starts now watch these amazing 3d street art collection and think as if they are just flat on 2d plane”

1. The street has got an art depicting an open pit or ditch having a path or crossing made of wooden ladders which seems to be very realistic and dangerous.


Image source

2. The street art in which horse running out of a ditch along with a bird flying with it. Seems to be realistic but if seen through a certain angle.

3d street art Image Source

3. A pac-man game street art for entertaining the people walking side by it. I would really like to play it if it can entertain me through that aspect as well.

3d street artImage Source

4. This is really huge and amazing street artwork. Somebody with a weak heart would not like to cross this or step on it. :)

3d street artImage Source

5. Can you guys imagine? What if these things would be real. somebody who has not seen this artwork before would really suspect it.


Earn Money with Mobincube

Today people are earning thousands of dollars through different ways on internet. One of good and guaranteed way is to to earn money through mobile applications. You can put ads on your apps using google’s Admob service.

So, do you want to earn from mobile apps? Don’t worry if you are not a developer or never written a single line of code in life. Yes, still you can built nice mobile applications and monetize them to earn money online. You definitely be thinking how? Answer is Mobincube. Yes, now everyone can earn money with mobincube.

earn money with mobincube

Mobincube gives you an easy way to build very good mobile applications freely through already given templates. You can chose templates and customize them to your requirements. Template customization is just very easy through tools given by mobincube. Earning money is now just matter of few steps by mobincube as chose template, customize or build, test, publish and monetize.

Once you app is ready you can preview it by downloading and installing in you phone through download link or QR code generated.

Here are few examples of apps built with mobincube you can download and install them on your android phone.

Note: Before downloading and installing them you have confirm that you device allows the installation from unknown sources.

To confirm:

step 1: go to Settings and navigate to unknown sources option.

step 2: Tap the checkbox and then OK on the confirmation popup.

Example Mobincube Applications: 

1. Alphabet Flash Cards 

Download link: http://mobincube.mobi/38SL65

2. Eid Mehndi Designs 2015

Download Link: http://mobincube.mobi/38SRQF

3. Sindhi Newspapers Online

Download Link: http://mobincube.mobi/38W68Y


The most interesting thing here is you can render you application for any platform either android, ios or windows. Mobincube not only lets you to publish your app on mobincube store but on other market places like android market places play store, amazon app store, app store and windows phone market place. So don’t waste time go and signup to mobincube and earn money with mobincube.

Thanks to Mobincube.