Asia is leading lover of Android: Holding 46 percent of global usage

Every second when an android is sold, the buyer is Asian”, this has been told by one of the world’s largest programmatic and computerized mobile advertisement platform named AppFlood having all the market intelligence regarding mobile advertisement. The quarterly statistical report of 2014 has been released by this giant.

android is leading lover of android 1

In the global quarterly statistical report of 2014, it has been increased by 30 percent as compared to previous quarter of 2014. The more interesting thing is that, it has got gigantic increase like 1095 percent as compared to last year in 2013.

The countries of Asia and Latin America are not only getting rapid adaptation of the new technologies, but also the latest trends and culture. In Asia, the Pakistan is like ruling this continent as they developing their own android smart phones at a enormous speed.

android is leading lover of android 2

The Samsung’s android-based smart phones are much cheap and hard to be bought by the Asian mobile users. Other famous companies named as Huawei, Sony, HTC are out of the range of common users but here comes the role National android smart phone manufactures. They build android-based smart phones considering their GDP and currency rates.

In Pakistan, the QMobile plays a vital role to provide android-based smart phones to all the people inside Pakistan as it considers both locals of the country including rich and poor too.

Voice, GFive and VGOTel are also famous companies of Pakistan that also take place to provide this type of smart phones (containing android) to all the type of users and people.

If we consider India, there are also many national companies that provide android-based smart phones focusing on the their currency and all the locals.

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