Apple Watch will replace your car keys – says CEO of Apple

apple watch replacing car keys-amazing features

Apple inc. is the technology giant that produces many electronics gadgets like smart phones, computers, tablets, smart watches and much more.

Now it’s time to replace your car keys with these incredible gadgets says Tim Cook. The CEO Tim Cook of the Apple inc. said to The Telegraph that the Apple Watch will now replace your car keys.

He is preparing the world about the next launch of the Apple Watch, which is going to be shown at an event taking place on Monday 9th March at the Yerba Buena Center, San Francisco.

Tim Cook said that the Apple Watch was only being bought for fashion and looks, that’s why we work hard to introduce some more features that are more useful and worth that watch.

The smart watches are abundant now in the market and offering the same features over all but now Apple Watch will replace not only the car keys but can replace all other keys. The smart home platform operators, public transit corporations, hotels, airlines are taking interest in this communication which will take place between the device worn by the client and consumer.


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