Amazing and secret weapons Hitler used in World War 2

Hitler is one of the most dangerous people of the world who was a very known dictator of that age and still he is very famous even though he has become the part of the syllabus in many schools.

Today, we are going to unveil the secret weapons that he used in the second world war. These weapons were very dangerous and giants in size. The business insider says that some of the weapons had a huge impact of the war WWII but some of them got failed.

1. The Goliath Tracked Mine:

Goliath Tracked mines


These were the mines that can be controlled remotely and called as mini-goliath. He used these mini-goliath mines in WWII, though this mini-goliath might look like a toy but it is much more dangerous as compared to your thought. It can carry upto 100 kg of explosives or other payloads. These toy-like monsters can even destroy the tanks and other things. The only and major weakness of it is: that they were connected to wire and were not controlled wirelessly. Enemies used to destroy this mini-goliath by only just cutting wires.

2. The Fritz X:



Although it looks like a simple bomb but it is not. However, the The Fritz X is a radio-guided bomb and famous as the grandfather of the modern smart bombs.

3. The Horten Ho 229:

Horten Ho229


The Horten Ho 229 was used by the Hitler in the WWII and it is a world’s first stealth aircraft. It was powered with two powerful jet engines resulting in speed of 600 mph and altitude of approx. 49,000 feet. It was a stealth jet and could not be tracked in the radar because it was using small radar cross-section.

4. The Panzer VIII Maus:

Panzer viii maus

It is tank and it is super-heavy. The Panzer VIII Maus was built in 1944 approx. of weight around 188 tons.

5. The Schwerer Gustav:

Schwerer Gustav

Only two of these The Schwerer Gustav were made and used in the WWII because these were giants weighing a colossal of 1,350 tons enabling to fire 7 tons of shells up to the distance of 29 miles.

6. The StG 44:

stg 44 curved barrel gun hitler

The Hitler liked this weapon so much as he named that weapon himself. It was very famous at the age of WWII having infrared vision and curved barrel which enables the soldiers to fire at the corners. The most favorite weapon of the counter-strike game players named AK-47 was inspired from this rifle.

Source: Business Insider


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