Altaf hussain’s full speech 2015

Altaf Hussain’s Full speech 2015, where he hislef asked RAW, an Indian agency to help MQM and Mahajirs. He also said a lot of harsh words and used bad language against Pakistan Armed forces. Altaf Hussain also asked his all party members to take trainings and keep firearms and weapons with them and even to their famale counterparts. Pakistan armed forces have also announced to take severe action against altaf hussain and his party on this occasion. This hatred speech is in reaction to the press conference by SSP Malir Rao Anwar, who catched two terrorists beloning to MQM. The torrorist testified that they were trained by RAM and Indian Army and even every member of MQM gets such trainings from Indian agencies.For more watch the altaf hussain’s hatred big speech and tell us about your reviews in the comments.


Altaf Hussain's full speech against Pakistan Army


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