50+ Photoshop Tutorials with Most Terrible and Horror Photo Manipulation Effects

Dear visitors I have finally come up with a huge collection of best 50+ most terrifying, horror, scary and zombie Photoshop photo and text effects which you would hopefully like to learn. Many days before I was searching for such kind of posts but found very less number of blogs providing enough collection of such effects. So, here you can find almost all tutorials available on different blogs in just one collection post. Now, learn how to make one’s photo scary and terrible in easy to understand steps with every kind of required effect in a few minutes as well the text effects. Make your or friend’s photo edited with these interesting effects and share on your social network. I am just going to do so.
Enjoy fantastic and horror tutorials collection and don’t forget to share your views about these Photoshop tutorials.

1. Zombie Face Tutorial

If you are a crazy fan of Hollywood movies then you must be be familiar of these horror characters called Zombies who are dead walking bodies eating humans and their own flesh. This article of  Zombie face tutorial lets you learn making a beautiful face terrible with zombie effects with Photoshop.

zombie photoshop horror effect

2. Making a Zombie Face

Learn to apply famish effect to handsome face. Zombie face tutorial is easy to understand step by step tutorial to apply zombie makeover.

zombie face photoshop tutorial

3. Create A Horror Effect using Photoshop

Create a photo hunted by applying photoshop horror effects in just few steps. For you need to know basics of brushing and burning tool.



Tutorial teaches characterization and how to turn a nice face into a wired alien through photoshop.


5. Killer Portraits Photoshop Tutorial

You often had seen roles of killers in movies but might not know how their face is turned in such a horrible look. Here is the tutorial for making face terrible killer portrait in photoshop.

killer photoshop effect

6. Photo blending – Burning Flesh Effect

The photoshop photo blending technique can be used to turn a lovely skin in a burned flash. In this tutorial you will deeply learn masking techniques along with some basic tips of color correction and tuning.

photoshop burning flesh effect

7. Halloween Photoshop Tutorial: Creating Zombie

If you want to make a halloween face then this tutorial teaches you how to make a face rotten to expose its skin and make it zombie.


8. Ghosting An Image With Photoshop

Ghost a cute face with easy steps in photoshop.


9. Burning Sad Face Effect

Learn making a beautiful lady face burned sad face. This tutorial also covers about basic texturizing of image.

10. Freakish Zombie in 11 Steps!

11 steps tutorial to make man freaky zombie in photoshop.



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