5 Guaranteed Ways To Make Money Online

Money from Heaven

Do you want to become rich?? Oh come on, what a funny question are we asking! Every body wants to become rich, ain’t that true? As the world has grown and internet is being vast day by day. So, earning through e-world is becoming very easy but in a tricky ways. Following are the ways to make money online:

1. Create a new revolutionary idea:

  • As you all know that Mark Zuckerberg, who founded Facebook is now a very wealthy man in the world. Facebook.com is now worth $17.5 billion  according to Forbes evaluation.
  • Drew Houston thought to make money by hosting the storage facility named Dropbox. This tool hit $240 Million revenue in 2011.

2. Create a new Viral Video:

You can also get rich by creating a viral video like one-pound fish or any other video. Youtube.com and other websites are paying for the videos using ads.

3. Sell Your Stuff Online:

  • eBay.com is the online buy and sell website which allows you to sell your stuff online and make money.
  • Amazon.com is also the online store where sellers and buyers meet each other.
  • OLX.com is also a local classified marketplace where you can sell your stuff easily.

4. Sell directly from the Social Media:

Now with the PAYA, you can also sell your photos and videos online direct from your social media network i.e. Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo etc. It is a licensing agency which buys your photos and videos from these social media networks, and giving you money for it.

Gumroad is similar to Paya. Try Gumroad also. (Sell your songs, computer books etc)

5. Create a Blog:

Earning from the blog has never been as easy as it is now. It is really simple containing few steps:

  • Thought of a good idea
  • Creating your blog
  • Sharing your contents
  • Earning through ads etc.

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I am Muhammad Naveed Baig Jokhio, the CEO and Founder of Crispylogs, I am doing Graduation from MUET in Computer Systems Engineering. I am a professional Article Writer, Web enthusiast, WordPress lover, a passionate Graphics Designer, Technology geek, Programmer and a Researcher.