3 wives and 33 children – A man wishing to make century

Pakistan: A common man living in a tribal area of Pakistan has given birth to 33 children from 3 wives and he wishes to make century of kids.

The guy who is called by the name “Jan Muhammad” is a resident of Quetta, Pakistan. He has a total of 33 children among which 13 are sons and 19 are daughters.

His two wives are also pregnant and soon the number will be 35 from 33. Jan Muhammad is a medical technician by the profession and he plays football match usually by making different teams of his children.

man with 33 children

Jan Muhammad’s favourite daughter who’s name is Shagufta being eldest among all the daughters. He fulfills all the expence of his children and she also studies in ninth class.

This man with 33 children spends 100,000 (1 lac) rupees for educating his children monthly.

What man with 33 children says?

This birth giving machine says:

I want to do fourth marriage too, and also wish that i will make a century of 100 children in the future.

He further says:

I got married in the year 1999 and 5 children were dead till yet. I am really thankful to God for giving me that amount of kids.

Furthermore, he added:

I am a medical technician and running a medical clinic. This clinic is sufficient to fulfill all the needs of my house. Still I have no complains or expenses that make me worry

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